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    Crosstab reports - suggested techniques


      I need to create a series of cross tab reports for our FM solution.  The reports that I'm designing will need to be "adaptive" in that the # of columns and rows will need to accommodate however many inputs are provided (within reason).  These could change based on filters applied (think business regions and product lines). 


      I've looked around, and there are several different approaches that can be taken (DB solutions web viewer approach, standard virtual lists, and "dynamic variable instantiation" just to name a few approaches).  


      Our solution is FM Cloud hosted with a mixture of FM15 and FM16 clients. 


      I was hoping for some insight and suggestions from the Filemaker community. 


      Thank you in advance for your suggestions!



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          All three of those techniques in one way or another represent the same basic technique of "virtual lists". Whereas you gather your data in some form and shove it into a temporary table for either display or export.


          Your environment is Perform Script on Server compatible, so I'd suggest writing something that gathers the info and returns it to the user.


          Outside of that, the best way to go is dependent on the format you need it in. Webviewers may be cool if you need non-exportable visual reports, otherwise you'll want to look at a virtual temp table to display the information in the standard filemaker table/record/fields format, so you can manipulate it into export formats or PDFs.


          It looks like you've already given it some thought though, so let us know if you have any specific technique questions when diving in.

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            You can take a look here:


            It's rather involved but I was able to play around with it and get it to work in about an hour.