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    Thermal Imaging API


      Does anyone know of any FM API where I would be able to use thermal imaging in a FM app?

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          For a company like FLIR, you can go to their product documentation page and request a SDK.  That would be the start of connectivity. 

          I'm assuming you want a way to transfer images to a FM database.  As you are aware, many thermal imaging cameras usually have a SD card.   If this is your goal, I imagine the easiest would be to take the contents of the SD card, and import into container fields.

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            Thank you for the info.  I reached out to FLIR and am awaiting a response.  I will report back and let you know the outcome...

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              Thanks, I'd be curious to know.  I do something similar with my combustion analyzer.  But when I do an analysis, the analyzer creates a QR code, which I can scan with my phone, parse via a script and put the results into a customer record.

              I was looking over my FLIR, and unfortunately don't have that options, but if I needed to save the images, I would probably go with my SD card idea-unless you are saving a lot of images, then I would check out the SDK route.