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    XprojectFM application was updated to support FileMaker iOS App SDK v.16


      XprojectFM  allows you to automate the process of creating Xcode projects, based on FileMaker iOS App SDK, eliminating the need to work with the command line and manually edit configuration files. You also do not need to adjust the application icon in more than 30 standard sizes.

      All you need is to enter several parameters and click on one button. Everything else will be done automatically.


      Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 2.18.37 PM.png

      In addition to this, you will get a unique opportunity to expand the functionality of the created application with additional modules (plug-ins).


      XprojectFM v2.0 now can build Xcode projects, based on SDK v.16 as well as on the previous versions (15.x)


      XprojectFM is free, and can be downloaded here:



      Best regards,

      Alexey Dubov