anchoring grouped object doesn't anchor underlying object

Discussion created by William-Porter on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by TSGal

The layout anchor setting for an object -- say, a field -- may be different from the anchor setting for the group to which the object belongs. This can cause annoying and unexpected behaviors at time.


This is in FileMaker 16.


To reproduce:

  1. Place a field on a layout (in layout mode)
  2. Leave the object anchored to left and top sides of layout (the default)
  3. Make the object a button (say, single step: "Beep")
  4. Select the object and anchor it to the RIGHT side of layout (as well as the left and top, which will already be the case)
  5. Go into browse mode, adjust width of window and notice that the object does NOT stretch or shrink with the layout, as expected.
  6. Go back into layout mode, select the grouped object, then open Layout Objects panel, and click on the base object (the field)
  7. Notice that while the grouped object is anchored both to right and left sides of layout, the base object (the field) is NOT


I can't make any sense of this behavior, and more important from a practical point of view, this behavior has repeatedly caused me problems that took time to diagnose (until I finally saw what's happening).