Shared hosting not allowed, seriously?

Discussion created by pietergorisio on Jul 7, 2017
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Hi fellow FM'er,



I want to start a discussion here about the unclarity in the license options for Filemaker in my humble opinion.

So I'll first describe the case of what I wanted to do.


I made a FM solution for just one friend because he was in urgent need for an invoicing solution that could easily manage a lot of products and wasn't locked in to an online solution for the rest of his life.

This went all fine, but soon the questions kept coming from friends of him to make them the same solution with some adaptations to it.


So my thinking was. Let's rent a dedicated server. Buy an annual server 16 subscription and host all those solutions on that server.

Every one with their own login so they can't see each others solution. I would make sure everyone had his own Filemaker Pro license on either their Mac or their PC. Multiplatform and easy deployment and rapid prototyping I thought were the key features of the Filemaker platform?


I discussed this several times with the Filemaker support over the phone and never did anyone mentioned the following statement coming from Filemaker sales Belgium/Netherlands.


"It's not allowed to host multiple client solutions on one server due to security risks. What you can do is purchase a server license per client".

I mean? Are you serious?


Do they really think every blue collar worker is fed up with the BS of having to buy their own dedicated server, annual server license and a filemaker pro license? What's the cost of that for a small company? And where is the chance for me to make any profit.

I'm a huge Apple lover with many many Mac hardware over the last 12 years. Before anyone even knew what Mac was about here in Belgium.

But this statement smells like your typical money hungry Apple BS.


This is just my opinion but if this is really the case. That every customer of mine needs a server license on its own. Well, it's a big farewell to Filemaker for me then. It's an awesome platform, but the license options are waaaaaay to expensive in my humble opinion. How can any small company live with IT costs this high. And please forgive me if I miss anything here, and do correct me if I'm wrong.


I'm open to take the heat if this is a big misconception of mine.



Your opinion is much appreciated.