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    Directory db with and without a password


      Background Information

      So I have a directory db on FMPS 16 running. I setup a user and admin login so that managers can edit the staff directory with new hires, etc. I intend to pull data from this db from just about every other solution I am writing. Example: Fleet software needs to pull staff names and info to assign a vehicle. Salesman app needs to pull from it for their contracts. etc. I am creating a whole suite of applications to run on FMPS 16 that most will pull data from the directory.



      I need the directory to be password protected so only managers can edit the directory. BUT...at the same time I would like the other solutions to be able to pull data from the directory without requiring a login and password each time.


      Is this possible and how?


      I thought of making a second copy of the directory that the main directory simply feeds and pull from the copy. Is this the best method? I am open to suggestions for the best and most stable method. Thank you in advance for any assistance...

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          In FileMaker, if File A causes File B to open, it will attempt to use the credentials that opened A to open B. if this is successful, you do not see a log in dialog. If it fails, you do.


          Thus, one option is to add the same accounts to the directory file as are used to open the other files. This is one reason some choose not to separate their solution into multiple files BTW, there are good reasons to use multiple files, but the security model is not one of them.


          There are also ways to open the file with the same password for all your other users, but this can be a security issue that makes the sensitive data in your file easier to "hack":


          File Options can set the file to open the directory file automatically with a minimum "read only" level account. Then the file opens for everyone with this setting unless you hold down the shift or option key while logging in.


          An "opener file" could be set up to open the file for you with a low level access account. It would have the file option set to auto-login with credentials that match to what you want for opening the directory file.


          Bug each of these options represent a degradation of your security.

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