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Directory db with and without a password

Question asked by blackcatenterprise on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2017 by philmodjunk

Background Information

So I have a directory db on FMPS 16 running. I setup a user and admin login so that managers can edit the staff directory with new hires, etc. I intend to pull data from this db from just about every other solution I am writing. Example: Fleet software needs to pull staff names and info to assign a vehicle. Salesman app needs to pull from it for their contracts. etc. I am creating a whole suite of applications to run on FMPS 16 that most will pull data from the directory.



I need the directory to be password protected so only managers can edit the directory. the same time I would like the other solutions to be able to pull data from the directory without requiring a login and password each time.


Is this possible and how?


I thought of making a second copy of the directory that the main directory simply feeds and pull from the copy. Is this the best method? I am open to suggestions for the best and most stable method. Thank you in advance for any assistance...