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Barcode Scanner Input mode

Question asked by Aad on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2017 by Reid Larson

Dear Community Members,

I have converted a FileMaker Solution into iOS APP. We are using Socket Mobile Bluetooth Barcode scanner.


My problem is I will have to turn on and turn off the mobile scanner in order to view default iOS input keyboard.

I have try to contact the scanner company they suggested following. How can I use both input modes (Scanner and default keyboard) together.


Application is designed for a store. They cant keep pressing button to change to input mode.


For example scanning the barcode and update/input the quantity using regular ipad keyboard.


"The scanner will not disconnect when pressing the power button twice. This will simply bring up the keyboard and you may scan a barcode as well. This feature is available for scanners that are paired with apple devices only.


You may pair in the application mode (MFi-SPP). This mode will have the keyboard at all times. However, this will only work with certain apple applications and may not work with the app you are using to scan barcodes."


Please anyone can guide me it will be a great help.


Thank you