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Citrix Receiver for Mac, FileMaker v16 and dual displays

Discussion created by Andy Hibbs on Jul 7, 2017
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Has FileMaker Pro v16 been tested running in the latest Citrix Receiver v12.6 for Mac using, for instance, a MacBook with an external display?


FileMaker v16 appears to work acceptably on Citrix Receiver 4.8 from a developer and user point of view on Windows. However, running in Receiver v12.6 for Mac, in our experience, it is unusable. Something as simple as opening the script workspace, then clicking on this results in the background main window jumping to the front when maximised.


When not maximised, it is a little better, but very dependent on the location of the foreground window in relation to the background. We first found this problem with a client's old multi-file system, where a script in one file calling a script in another to bring that file to the fore. When clicking on this new front file results in the original background file immediately jumping to the foreground, making it impossible to edit the data.


The experience is much better when only running a single display.


We've tested this in Mac OS X El Capitan and Sierra on an old 17" MacBook Pro (2009) and a 2017 MacBook 12" using Filemaker Pro v16 Advanced.


Many thanks