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Add X number of spaces in a concatenation

Question asked by joshua.brock on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by philmodjunk

I might be overthinking this...but I need to accomplish a large concatenation of field names and their respective data. I'm recreating a "data sheet" that a realtor can generate for properties. There are 30-40 fields that may or may not have data in them. For the data fields that don't have data, I don't want to print the field name and the respective data...I think I figured that part out.


However what's confusing me is their current system is able to calculate how far from the left hand side of the column it should add spacing before printing the field name, then the data itself so...


         Construction  Stick Built

             Style / Age  1.5 Story


My thinking was for the non-blank data fields, I would concatenate the number of blank spaces needed, the field name and it's data to this long text field with carriage returns.


However I can't figure out how to add X number of spaces prior to the field name before it starts printing the field name. I can calculate how much space it needs to line things up, but how in the example above do I add say 12 spaces and then print "Construction  Stick Built" and then after the carriage return skip 14 spaces and then do "Style / Age  1.5 Story"?