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    Accessing "Tags" File Metadata  ???


      When storing a file in a container, how does one grab the file's "tags" metadata?  Can FMP access this data, and if so what is the File Tag metadata's attribute name?

      I'm wanting to do something like the following: GetContainerAttribute ( File Container ; "FileTag" )??


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          GetContainerAttribute( containerField ; "all" )

          returns a lot of info in one step, instead of asking for each attribute.


          If that is not enough, using a plug-in, such as Troi File:

          There are other plug-ins that may give you something different as well.


          But I have not seen anything specific to "Tag":


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            Sidestepping the use of the word 'tag' since it might mean something different to you:


            getcountainerattribute(field;"attributename)) will allow you to select all or a specfict attribute; Lookup in the help file for a list of attributes such as filename, size and 'are you free for dinner?"


            If that is not enough the Troi's File Plugin will help you find dozens of EXIF, GPS and IPTC tags. I'm playing with it now and hoping to find a bit simpler technique than in the example.


            You can also add your own 'tag' to your file using Troi. But beware of using someone else's...

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              I decided to try to improve on Trois demo with a table of 'tags'.


              These come from the IOS Camera photos. I redesigned Trois sample file to use a container file rather than a filepath, etc.  I discovered Troi was using these 'tags.'

              GPS has at least 30 different values and probably more considering how much it is used.

              EXIF which is used by mfgrs and others can be seen to have at least 40,000 values and the higher numbers are probably Apple's unique values.


              Troi has a one line function for gathering these tags and values and its up to the developer to parse them, etc.


              My current results look like;



              Hope this helps.