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    Calculation Error


      I'm using the following calculation to add up invoice fields.


      zUnit Price Calc + zUnit Price 2 Calc + Unit Price 3 Calc + Unit Price 4 Calc +Unit Price 5 Calc + Unit Price 6 Calc + Unit Price 7 Calc + Unit Price 8 Calc + Unit Price 9 Calc + Unit Price 10 Calc + Unit Price 12 Calc + zUnit Price Custom Charges Calc + zUnit Price Metal Calc + zUnit Price Body Trim Calc + zUnit Price Nail Calc + zUnit Price Panel Calc + zUnit Price Stone Calc + zUnit Price Wood Calc + zUnit Price Base Calc


      It is totaling $1266.67.  Manually it add up to $1266.65 which is correct.  Any suggestions on how to make my total accurate?


      Thank you

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          Stephen Huston

          You may need to add the Round function to your fields  to stop accumulation of fractions.

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            There are some areas in which I tend to trust computers more than humans

            I'd be very surprised if FileMaker was not capable of adding numbers.

            What can happen though is that numbers have more decimals than displayed (because of layout formatting).

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              Computers generate some long decimal numbers.


              Years ago I found that Excel suffered from extraneous numbers in the 12+ decimal places, for instance.


              Use the Round() or Truncate(?) functions to eliminate these extraneous decimals.


              For instance, to get the value of a particular item you might use a calc that divides or one that uses a longer decimal such as 1.56784.


              Example  zUnit Price Calc =  Round( (Length x Cost per foot x something) ; 2 )


              With the round the result might be 125.36 but without it 125.36225


              Those .00225's can add up and create those differences.


              You may not see these extra digits when you format your fields for decimal with 2 places.

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                The number field may only display 2 decimal places, but the number actually has more,

                so  if you have fieldA  with 1.043  and fieldB with 1.042, both field would appears as 1.04,  but your total would be 2.09.     You need to use Truncate (mynumberfield;2)  FileMaker Pro 16 Help

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                  I believe I would modify my design with a related table and use a summary field to total. 

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                    Thank you gofmp15  and all.  The Truncate function took care of my problem

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                      Truncate can also bite you because it will make a number smaller that what is displayed when formatted to 2 digits. 0.029 displays as 0.03 while Truncate makes it 0.02 and most pricing is rounded. You just gave your customer 33% off.

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