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Filemaker 16 ODBC issues

Question asked by simoncpage on Jul 7, 2017
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Have just recently updated to FileMaker server 16 from 15. This was fine except all clients bar FileMaker 16 which flags up certificate issues but which when you click on the certificate aren't displayed. Webdirect, GO and FileMaker 15 clients are all fine with a green padlock and no issues.


I removed the old odbc drivers (I was actually using version 14 as 15 I had problems which 14 didn't) as they weren't able to connect with the previous settings and so I have now installed version 16 of the drivers but when I get to the point of adding the host address and trying to connect it just falls over and I try a test and get the following:


[FileMaker][FileMaker]  (802): Unable to open file

[FileMaker][FileMaker] unable to get local issuer certificate


Test failed.


(I've tried the domain name as I had been using as we have an SSL certificate and the IP but neither work).


Any ideas from anyone would be most appreciated otherwise it looks like I will need to go back to FileMaker 15 as there is something fundamentally wrong with the certificate here?