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ExecuteSQL to pull data from 1 record

Question asked by xxx202xxx on Jul 9, 2017
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My setup is as follows: I have a Service::TicketID related to Time::TicketID_fk where I could have multiple time entries with varying Statuses.  What I am most interested in are the resolved tickets.  I need to get a count of how many times a ticket has been placed in a resolved status.  I have created a query already that pulls the following which is great for dashboard purposes.


ExecuteSQL ("

SELECT TicketID_fk, COUNT (Status)
FROM Time_Management_Incident_Log
WHERE Status=?
GROUP BY TicketID_fk"

;" -  "; ""; "Resolved")



INC001 - 2

INC002 - 1

INC003 - 1


Now what I need on my Service Table Layout is the individual count of Resolved Statuses per ticket.  I need help with the calculation to perform this feat.



TicketID       DateCreated      TimeCreated      CurrentStatus      TimesResolved

INC001          7/9/2017          12:19:00               Opened               2