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Button bar buttons are not active in current portal row

Question asked by justinc on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by justinc

I'm having some issues with a button bar.  This behavior is happening in FMPA 15.03 and in FMPA 16.01.  File is hosted on FMS 15.03.


I have a portal that has a button bar in each row.  This button bar is normally hidden.  There's an icon on each row; when the user hovers over the icon, it triggers a script (via Base Elements plugin function call in the tooltip), and the script sets a field to the recordID of that row's record; this causes the button bar to show up - it has a hide condition to look for it's own recordID in this field.  All of this showing/hiding works fine.


The odd part is that if the portal row is active before the icon is hovered over and before the button bar is shown, then the buttons in the bar don't work:  there is no hover effect shown and the button definitions don't trigger when clicked.  All other portals rows that are non-active have the button bar working correctly.  If you click on a button in this button bar in one of the non-active rows, that row becomes active, but the button bar still functions.  This is repeatable.  An active row will work fine again if I make it non-active first.


The button bar has two pop-over buttons and one regular button.  None of them are functional when the problem occurs.