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    Relation problem


      Hi there,


      I have three tables: student, subjects and grades. Every student has many subjects, and for every subject there is a grade. when I try to export the student name and all his subjects and their grades to an excel file, only student and subjects are exported correctly, the grades seem to be put randomly and also they are not correct.





      STUDEND ----------------< Subjects----------------- grades



      any suggestions ?? Please



      Thanks in advance

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          Stephen Huston

          Subjects --- Grades appears to be a 1:1 relationship.

          Why not grade as a field in subject?


          You gave no clue what your key fields were for each relationship. What do you want in your report that you aren't getting?

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            And when you exported this data, was it from a layout based on Students, Subjects or Grades? I can't yet see enough detail to tell why you would get a random association of grades to subject, but the context from which you export the data will also be an important detail here.


            Personally, I'd consider this set of relationships:




            Students::__pkStudentID = Grades::_fkStudentID

            Subjects::__pkSubjectID = Grades::_fkSubjectID


            That way, each grade is linked to both a student and a subject. The assumption on which I am basing this is that for a given subject, you have many students taking that subject and for a given student, they are taking many subjects, this would then be a many to many relationship and I am suggesting a table of grades as the join table linking the two in such a many to many relationship.

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              Thank you Stephen to your reply, the reason of putting grade alone is to reduce the redundancy. I don't want to repeat "Excellent" or "Very Good", for instance, many times.

              again thank you so much

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                Thank you Phil,

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                  you should also consider that there may be an entity called class/enrolement that needs to be expressed in your schema.


                  each student enrolls in zero or many classes.

                  every class has one and only one subject.

                  each subject can be taught zero or many times.

                  each student receives zero or more grades for each class (unless you are recording only final grade).

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                    I've called these "Registrations" instead of "Enrollments", but the principle is the same. Dates, grades, FK keys to student and class are all in there. This even allows the same student to take the same class (different dates), if that is within the rules.


                    This allows a good deal of reporting if you work from the "join" file, because it looks to student and classes. Information can be 'tunneled' both ways, if needed.



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                      Thank you beverly for your reply