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    FMGo 16 behavior when 2 or more files with Trigger OnLayoutSizeChange

    Markus Schneider

      iPad Pro 9.7, iOS 10.3.2., FMGo 16


      When 2 or more files are open in FMGo16 that have scripttriggers 'OnLayoutSizeChange', after coming back from a closed iPad (sleep), the iOS spinning wheel pops up and won't go away


      One can turn the iPad from landscape to portrait - and all is fine again.


      There are also situations where a FileMaker file pops to the foreground that wasn't the current app before..


      I got 'rcconsultings VideoCourses' for FM16 open and created 2 small new FM16 files that have also that trigger, I have it on my own applications as well - but it migth be easier to reproduce wuth some 3th party files..