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    Making a very simple (?!) calendar.


      Hi,  I now have a working booking DB, thanks especially to Philmodjunk for several answers to my problems.


      I used to use Numbers for this and had a calendar like the image here, which made it easy to see at a glance the availability.

      Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 15.10.54.png


      All I want is a small field for each day with the choice of A (available) O (option) and C (confirmed) and some conditional formatting to change the cell colour.  What I do not seem to be able to do is copy a standard field many times without it remaining the same field. So now one changes to blue and they all do.


      On the other hand, I have for each booking, the arrival and departure dates and the status (A, O or C). I suppose it is possible to get the calendar boxes to change colour according to the dates and status.


      Has anyone got any pointers as to how or if this can be done?


      Without you guys I, and many others, would have given up by now.



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          as you have found simply selecting a field on a layout and duplicating it doesn't add a new field to a table in your solution.


          Here is the simplest calendar example that I know of. It uses one single row portal for each day of the week, one record for each week of the month in a list view.

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            Thanks a lot. Looks interesting.

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              There are a number of very good third party calendar solutions that you can acquire. They will run rings around this example file, but aren't nearly so easy to understand in terms of design or function. So if you find that you want to add a lot of additional features to this example-such synching this data with another app on your smart phone, you may be better off doing some research on the other calendar tools that are out there.

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                Actually, I've been looking at it under the hood and I think this one may

                well work for me. Simple as you say. Bells and whistles are not needed and

                if it does the job, I'm fine.   I haven't got FMP Advanced, is there any

                easy way of copying the tables etc to my main DB? Mind you there aren't too

                many things to create: 2 small tables and a few fields and I'll climb up my

                learning curve a bit as well. Backups galore. Thank you again.

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                  If you use Import Records with the new table option for the target table, you can import the table definition (the fields) along with the data. After import, you can delete the records and then start setting up the relationships needed as this copies the tables and not the relationships.


                  But you might also consider keeping the file separate, but setting up external data source references so that the events  table occurrence refers to a table in your main solution. That might be simpler than pulling all of the tables into your current solution.


                  And you should seriously consider getting FileMaker Advanced. It's expensive, but can save you hours of effort when working on the design of your solution.

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                    1. That I can do.

                    2. That I will look into.

                    3. Me thinks that might be worth thinking about.


                    I've got the hours to spare (well retired 73) and it keeps my mind alive.

                    I've also got my daughter's Master's paper on socially-cohesive housing, to

                    correct - her French to English. Filemaker I am enjoying and getting more

                    familiar with it as time goes on.


                    Your help is priceless.



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                      here is a minimal calendar which always you to toggle dates by clicking on day .. you can tweak it to use conditional formatting to allow whatever you need to express ..


                      Dropbox - FileKraftSimpleDayToggleCalendar.fmp12

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