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View web images from weblink

Question asked by ndveitch on Jul 10, 2017
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Hi there,


Got a bit of an issue with displaying a PDF from a weblink. I had it working awhile ago but now after my web dev guy made changes on his side, the link that I am getting is not opening the PDF's as it did the last time.


When I look at the link stored in the field it comes back as



Before I am sure all I did was reference the field name and it worked, but now I am not to sure. I have tried a substitute ( ImageLink ; "\/" ; "/") and that got the field to look like this, [""]


But it wasnt working. I tried changing the webviewer to "data:text/html," & Substitute ( InvHead::ImageLink ; "\/" ; "/" ) and now it just displays [""] and not the image.


Any ideas on what i am doing wrong.