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    Layout last record


      I have two clients (FMP15 in P2P), one client opens a the layout and goes to the last record (record number 325) the other client opens same layout but goes to first record (record number 1/325). Is  the record navigation client dependent? Why does one go to a different record? Thanks

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          Most likely P2P has something to do with the odd behavior.


          FileMaker usually tries to do it's best job remembering where someone was. This means returning a user to the "active" record on a list view for them if they leave the layout and come back.


          If both users are quitting completely and opening up the layout for the first time, is the behavior the same?


          Any triggers or scripts that could be interfering?


          Is the window just scrolled to the end of the list, or is the last record actually selected as the active record?

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            Could it be that one of these isn't a client session but rather the host?


            Is the file opened directly with FileMaker by one user and opened with "Open Remote" by the other?


            That would explain the difference in behavior.

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              I did check and the host is opening to the last record and the client is going to the first record.

              Any idea why the difference between host/client ?

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                Yes, because the client does not mimic the host. The client is exhibiting the default behavior.


                Disconnect the client. Restart filemaker for the host, and go to the layout again. The host should also go to the first record by default on a new "session".


                Hosting doesn't transfer user state from the host to the clients. Each client has its own unique user state.

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                  FileMaker keeps track of certain things on hosts and stand alone sessions that it cannot for clients--including the current record that was current just before the user exits the file.

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                    I did a restart on the host and it still goes to the last record and clients go to the first record. I can see that a script trigger on the layout will be needed ( as clients need to access last record and it's an extra step to have them move all the way thru the records). I was wondering why the difference.