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On getting a count of unique instances of sub-groups in a sub-summary report

Question asked by mikemccabe29 on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by JamesDonelon

I’m trying to find an easy way to count unique instances of a field in a sub-summary report that also calculates numerical totals for the records in that table.


Here is a simple example of that table:



Transactions Table:

id_TXN   Tx_Type       id_donor      Tx_Amount

txn1        txTYPEA       donor1        $1

txn2        txTYPEA       donor1        $3

txn3        txTYPEA       donor2        $5

txn4        txTYPEB       donor2        $5

txn5        txTYPEB       donor3        $10



REPORT Needed:

Total txTYPEA donations =  $9.00

# donors for txTYPEA = 2


Total txTYPEB donations =  $15.00

# donors for txTYPEB = 2


How do I create a field that gives me the # donors for each txType_  ?






I have tried the reciprocal method by creating the following 3 fields:


_TotCount = count of donor_id (donor1…3)

### NOTE: I’ve tried checking ‘running count’ and unchecking ‘running count’


This just returns the total of my found set.



_FractionOf_idCon = 

1/GetSummary ( _TotCount ; donor_id )


### NOTE: This just returns BLANKS in my report






_Unique_idCons =

Summary = Total of _FractionOf_idCon


### NOTE: This also just returns BLANKS in my report