Migrate from FileMaker Server 11 to 16

Discussion created by rsmith11 on Jul 10, 2017
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I have an old FileMaker Server 11 running, with clients connecting using version 11.  I plan on building a new FileMaker Server 16 rather than replacing the existing server.  As I understand it, I simply cannot copy over the files from the 11 Server to the 16 server, as they are using the old fmp7 file format.  What are my options for migrating users over to the new 16 server?  It appears that users will first need to update their client to version 16, then either connect to the old 11 server to update the file, or download the file locally to update to the new format, then once completed copy the updated file to the new 16 server.  Any advice on the best path is greatly appreciated.