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Issues with portals and containers

Question asked by rockdoc90 on Jul 10, 2017
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I have a master table of field stations, with a portal to a daughter table for photos, such that a given field station may have multiple photos associated with it. The photos are linked in container fields in the daughter table and may be edited from the master table. The daughter table also has text fields for the station number (the linking field) and photo descriptions.


For reasons unknown,  the portal only fully displays and allows editing of the first row. I can create a second record in the portal, but can only edit the text fields. The container fields are not even displayed in the second row (but they are in the first row). I made sure to show up to 4 records in the portal. I have several other portals to other tables set up - mostly just text field tables - in the same master table, and they do not have this problem. It seems to be an issue with the container fields.


Even when I add the records manually to the daughter table in it's own Filemaker window, the containers still only display for the first photo.


Any help is appreciated