fmurlscript (migrating from FMPA14 to FMP16)

Discussion created by dev4u on Jul 10, 2017
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We have a large filemaker environment with two servers.


We have a lot of database files.


We use the fmp:// protocol a lot within our organisation.


We have migrated our servers to FMS16 and we in the process of updating all of our clients when I cam across this change to security.


My question is this:


Can I use FMPA16 to change the Extended privilege sets on all of our files while the user continue to use FMP14.

Then when they get the new client installed this feature will still be available to them?


Is there a quick way to do this as I will need to changed it in a lot of files and for a lot of privilege sets as we have a hierarchal setup based on position.


Thanks for any advice or suggestions