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My database is suddenly asking for password

Question asked by smrat on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by smrat

I have a database on my mac that I've been running for years. It's simply one record with buttons to open other files. All I do is click on it and it opens, period. I've updated to FMP 16 and decided to clean this database up and thought the easiest way would be to start over and create a new one. So I did. Then I closed it, opened it a couple of times and then it decided to ask for a login and password. So I put in Admin and hit enter and it asked me for a login and password for three of my 15 buttons that open other files. My questions are: why would it now decide it needed a login, why will some files work without a login but some need one, and how can I get it to behave the old way all the time? By the way, the old one still opens without the login screen. I've looked and looked for something different between the two but just can't find it.