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FileMaker Pro 16 red unlock icon, what did I do to deserve you?

Question asked by davegude on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by FileKraft

I have installed FileMaker Pro 16 and, when viewed through my Server I find a distracting and ugly red unlock icon in the upper right corner of every window (see screenshot attached). I'm willing to learn about the security issue involved, but I'm new at this, so the simpler the explanation, the better! I have traced this far enough to understand it has something to do with the connection between my client and host server, rather than encrypting the database file itself, which is something I tried, but that did not make the pesky little bugger bug off.


I have updated all my clients to Filemaker Pro 16 or FileMaker Pro Advanced 16, but I am only now on the verge of updating my Server from FileMaker Server 15 to 16. Will that magically make this rude intruder disappear?


Further background: We have FileMaker Server deployed on 1 dedicated server machine, a Mac mini, and 14 clients on iMacs and MacBooks and a few PCs. We're all in the same building, connected through a local network, and protected by a firewall from the outside world (and we are not doing any web stuff through FileMaker), so our security needs are already met.


What can I do to make this irritating icon go away?


Thanks for any suggestions,