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Send Mail > problem linking SMTP with Gmail

Question asked by philipjenks on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by beverly


I am scripting Send Mail to send emails from FM via my client's Gmail.

In the Send Mail function I have set to 'SMTP Server' and then in the Specify box I have set:


- Outgoing SMTP Server:

- Port: 465

- Connection encryption: SSL

- Authentication: Plain Password

- User name: email address given to me by client

- Password: gmail password given to me by client


When testing, the client gets a screen message message from  Filemaker saying 'Email could not be sent successfully', and also gets an email from Gmail saying 'Review blocked sign-in attenpt'.

The client has changed the settings on her Gmail to allow insecure Apps (which is flagged as one cause on other forums), and has also unlocked 'Captcha' which is flagged as another cause. But the problem persists.

Anyone got any inspired ideas?

Thank you.