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    Create Relation link with SQL problem




      We have a relationship in FM 16 with a SQL.

      When we add the same table from T12_PRODUCTEN and make a relation with the SQL with the Primary Key 'id' as the relation, it wil not work.

      If We make a connection again from the table T12_PRODUCTEN to T12_PRODUCTEN 2 with the relation 'id', everything works fine.

      Is this a bug in FileMaker, that you can add the same table and use it for a SQL connection?



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          The layout(s) you may be using need to be associated with the TO (table occurrence or table alias) that have the fields you want to show. You might have the two TOs (pointer to same base table), and use one for the layout reference, but be pulling fields from the other TO. Check the context to verify (layout and fields on the layout). So short answer: no, you don't need to have the additional TO (unless you need a self-join for some reason).


          Another thing to check, is the related fields. Are they the same type (text & text, number and number, etc.)? Is the SQL (dbo) 'id' column the primary key?