FMS 16 breaks CWP emailing attachment scripts

Discussion created by DavidJondreau Expert on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by monkeybreadsoftware

After a few hours of trying to diagnose a problem I've been having with FMS 16 and Custom Web Publishing (PHP), it appears there's been a major change in path functions. For years, we had a solution that stores files. CWP users log in, select an item, and are emailed a description of the item along with an attached file.


A change (undocumented in the release notes) removes the ability for CWP initiated scripts to access any file paths.


Both Get ( TemporaryPath ) and Get ( DocumentsPath ) no longer work in Custom Web Publishing. This change between FMS 15 and FMS 16 is not in the FM 16 or FMS 16 release notes. Only after checking the function description themselves in the help file, do we see this note, which is different than FM 15:

"In FileMaker WebDirect and Custom Web Publishing, this function is not supported and returns an empty string."


So, it is now impossible to send emails with attachments from CWP.


Is this an intended change? It is documented (but so was the limitation on repeating variables).  Will FMI consider reverting this in an update?

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