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Webdirect basics

Question asked by WilliamDuncan on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by PointInSpace

I am currently running FMP 15 on a MacBook Pro under Sierra (macOS 10.12.5).


I've spent several hours over the past 3 days trying to get some basic questions answered about setting up my first web-based database. I've read lots of words, but everything I've read seems geared to someone who has implemented web-based databases before. I even sent an inquiry to FM's sales staff, but the answer I got was unhelpful.


While I've been using FM since it first came out, all of my databases run locally on my laptop. I am an absolute novice for online databases.


Here's a quick overview of my application ... I run a certification program for my professional society. Candidates complete an MSWord-forms application, email to me, and I convert it to text for loading into FM. I would like to eliminate that form and have them enter all of the info online. The application form is pretty simple: the usual name and address info, two professional references, preferred exam dates, and a couple of check boxes.


So here are my questions ...


1.  It appears that I must buy a copy of FileMaker Server. Is that correct? Or can I do this will just FMP? FMP appears to allow me to upload my database using FileMaker WebDirect, but I don't know if I can access the database through FMP.


2.  We currently use SiteGround to host our website. If we need Server, I'm assuming that it would have to be installed by them?


3.  I may have 200-300 unique, individual applicants over the course of a year. None of them would access the database more than once, or twice if they need to make corrections. I can't imagine that more than 2 of them would ever access the database simultaneously. Does a 5-user license cover this? Or do I need a 300 user license? The language in the manual and on the website makes it sound like I need a license for each unique user, not each simultaneous user.


4.  How do users get access to the database? Do we create a unique URL for the database?


5.  Do users need to install anything ahead of time? Or is an approved browser sufficient?


Thanks in advance ...