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    Auto enter calc + script


      I hate to post about this again, but I'm still having trouble figuring out how to format this. This is the same project from my last two previous posts. I need it to do 2 things 1) Notify me with a dialog box when there are 3 consecutive scores of zero, and b) Auto-enter the score based on responses in a checkbox set, in which 2-3 values must be selected to get the question correct. You guys helped me figure out how to do these two things individually, but I'm having trouble making them work together.


      Right now, I have a field (PicMem_Count) that counts the number of times there are 3 consecutive zeros. I use this in a script trigger with an If statement, if Pic_MemCount = 1, a custom dialog box pops up.


      Then, I started entering auto-enter calculations to the score fields:

      ( ValueCount (FilterValues ( List ( "C" ; "D" ) ; PicMem_Response_7 ) ) = 2 ) and ( ValueCount (FilterValues ( List ( "A" ; "B" ) ; PicMem_Response_7 ) ) = 0 )


      Note that this assessment begins with item 7 – confusing, I know.


      It seems that when the zeros are auto-entered, the script trigger won't work. Any suggestions? I've attached the file.