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    reference external photos


      I move to a new machine and copied the entire data folder (including photos) to the new machine.  All is well except the reference to external photos on partitioned drive. The desired photo was a calculation to show <record number>.jpg


      I copied only the new file path, checked spelling many times, and still cannot get reference to photos


      Old machine the path was - "image:/data drive 01/FileMaker Documents/Clothing/Photos/" & ID "F" & ".jpg"


      On new machine the path  I tried - "image:/Data/FileMaker/Clothing/Photos/" & ID & "F" & ".jpg"

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          You might try inserting a file from the new location into a container field with the "by reference" option, then examine the file path in the container field to see if it matches what your are trying to use.


          Getvalue ( container field ; ValueCount ( container field ) )


          will give you the path if you insert by reference.


          At a guess, you seem to be missing either a drive letter or volume name.

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            A container reference has two file paths:


            GetValue(FileMaker Reference Container ; 1 )

            GetValue(FileMaker Reference Container ; 2 )


            Create two calc fields, one for each value above.


            You'll see the drive/etc designations for your reference.

            Sometimes you have to reinsert the files after moving them...