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Synchronising records: Tables, layouts, windows

Question asked by tays01s on Jul 12, 2017
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I think I've slightly lost the plot!


I have a Patient table, with some child/ grandchild records shown in portals on the Patient layout. I want to show a separate Tutorial window where the Patient and grandchild records synch with that of the Patient layout. To do this I use a 'Patient::name' field and several grandchild fields within a portal that is set to the specific grandchild record shown in the Patient layout.


The Tutorial window is based on a Patient_Tutorial layout based on the Patient table. Synchronisation fails. If the exact same fields/portal is copied to a tab on the Patient layout, synchronisation works.


As I say, I think I've lost the plot in that I'm sure there's an obvious explanation for this discrepancy, but is there a way to synch the Tutorial window, because a Window would be much easier to use alongside the main Patient layout.