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Execute SQL Breaking on Server

Question asked by dale_allyn on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2017 by dale_allyn

Host: FMS 16.x

Clients: FMP 15


Data input layout allows a person to "sign-off" on an analysis (two persons required). Signatory 1, and Signatory 2, confirm data within the record.


Once each confirms the data,  a field is to be populated with their formal signatory title (based on user account record in a user table). 


A report is generated and their titles/qualifications are presented in the appropriate place below where they will sign.


This works great locally, but on the server it does not. The Report_details field is not updated with the technician on the server, but it is on a local file. I'm not married to SQL, so happy to do anything that will insert the formal title when a tech signs-off (a check box).


Here's the query that works locally, but not hosted:


ExecuteSQL ("

  SELECT UserList.gemlgstReportName FROM UserList WHERE UserList.FMPacctName = ?";"";""; Report_Details::gemmologist_1



Thank you for putting your eyes on this.