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Add Record Script with Dialog

Question asked by cmj on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by cmj

I'm very new to scripts and require some direction on accomplishing a task.

On my layout (not a portal), I've placed a button that will add a new record.

When the user selects the button:

I'm requesting a new record (I can do this)

Going to a specific field that contains a drop-down (I can do this)


At this point, I want dialog to tell the user to select from the drop-down. The dialog should remain in place until the record is selected. (no idea how to do this)


Next, the cursor goes to another drop-down field (I can do this) and the dialog pops up again until the record is selected.


After that I set various fields that relate to the choices made in the drop-down fields. (I think I can do this).


Thank You