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Segregating Active/Inactive Records

Question asked by jimmyb on Jul 12, 2017
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Very new to Filemaker, and just learning the ropes on the system and scripts.  I've learned a lot already from these discussions.  Thanks.


I have created a database to track information about an artwork collection.  We have come to the point where we are going to de-accession some pieces from the collection.  So for clarity, we do not want the record for those pieces to appear in the database any longer.  We have many inexperienced users, and I am afraid even though the record is marked, when those items appear in searches, etc, they will cause much uproar.    I have added a field to designate active/inactive items, and created a script trigger to eliminate those inactive items upon opening a layout.  However, once the "show all" button is pressed after any other search in that layout, all items show up again in the layout.


Our goal is to actually retain the record, and all the information on the piece, but to have it available for certain trained individuals to see.  Perhaps only in  a "De-Accessioned Items" layout.  The issue is segregating it from the rest of the collection records in all searches, browsing, and reports.  And having it stay out after other searches and use.


If it is not possible to keep those records together in a single database, I would be willing to create another database to hold just de-accessioned or inactive item records.  How would I gather those records and transfer them intact to a newly created database which maintains the same structure and fields and layouts as the original?  I'm having trouble with that process as well.


Many thanks!