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Verdana Font not showing in v15/v16 on mac OS 10.11.6

Question asked by kiwikaty on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by Markus Schneider



I am not sure what the issue is, on my mac in FileMaker Advanced v11 I can see Verdana font fine and so can MS Word. However in FileMaker Advanced v15 and v16 Verdana does not show and it makes the fonts in the db's Helevetica (when the theme is set to use Verdana).


I checked Library - Fonts - and I can see see Verdana.ttf, Verdana Bold.ttf and Verdana Bold Italic.ttf - so I assume they are true type from the extensions.


I usually do all my dev work on a PC and it was not until I transferred a file from the PC and opened it on my mac that I realised there was an issue.


Under previous versions you used to be able to "Add fonts" to filemaker but I can't see this where it used to be and I would have thought Verdana would be a fairly standard one. Can anyone advise what I should/could check?


Mnay thanks.