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Autocalc oddity

Question asked by mardikennedy on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by mardikennedy

Product and version FMPA 16.02 (haven't checked back through other versions

OS and version OSX 10.12.5

Browser and version n/a

Hardware Airbook 2015 13 inch

Description  Don't know if this is a 'bug' or just a peculiarity/ principle that I don't completely understand...  Sample file attached.  Simple autocalc field, that says if "a" is entered, then year() + 1, if "b" is entered, 1 + year().  Note:  the autocalc field is flagged as Do not replace.


The odd thing is that the result is different.  'a' - year() plus one is less than 'b', one plus year().  In other words, the condition (plus one) after the function (year)  does not seem to be included in the calc.


How to replicate  see sample file

Workaround (if any)  Easy if you check the results, but non-intuitive.