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Text box resize based on content for printing

Question asked by kdhfilemaker on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by beverly

Hello everybody. I'm developing a print layout for the company I intern for, and I need text boxes to resize based on how much content is in them. Each project has a project description that ranges from 3 to 11 lines of text, and I want the text box to shrink upwards based on how much content is in there, and for everything below it to shift up as well. Here is an example:

There is another text box directly above it called Project Summary that will also need to resize, and then a text box below with Project Member Roles that will need to do the same. These are the sliding and visibility controls I have set, but it's not making any difference:

Again, much of the information I have found is for computer-based display of information, but this layout needs to be printed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!