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problem with drop down menu

Question asked by kiwimikey on Jul 13, 2017
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I hope that some one can help me

I have file maker PRO 11 advanced and have a large database. One area (or file) is the master database names address the usual stuff. Another file I have the invoice. The main database allows me to have duplicate last name so on board I my have John SMITH, another Mary SMITH and example Mike SMITH. This is no problem as the file maker allows this. But when I go to the invoice and use the drop down list it will not display any other SMITH other than the first entry. The only way I can get them is deleting all but the file with the correct First names, then I can see it, and add it the invoice, print it etc. So if I wanted Mike Smith to appear in the drop down list, I would have to delete both John and Mary SMITH, I have tried doing a custom selection and that only bring up there first name. So maybe some one knows the answer, Have tried the Missing Manual so (sorry pun intended) so I am missing something!!!