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relating records to records in the same table and being able to view them from both records through the same portal...

Question asked by ericjlindholm on Jul 13, 2017
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Im sure this is more simple then I am making it in my head but I am hitting a wall.  i have been playing with multi key relationships and some other options but I keep running into problems.  I plan on created an "adder" table that i will vacate after each new contact is selected to be added and the relationship text is filled out.


I have a table contactCompany and a table contactCompantRelationships


My companies and contacts are in the same table on purpose and my solution needs to remain that way.  I know there are other ways to set that up but it is valuable for me.


I want to be able to say 


Dave is the owner of  company ABC

Nick is an employee of company ABC

Nick used to work for company XYZ

Dave are enemies joe


When a users views daves contactCompany record, they should see the relationship record that names him the owner of company ABC and one that says is an enemy of contactcompany with the name Joe

when a user views nick , they should see that he works for ABC and used to work for XYZ

when a user views XYZ they should see nick uses to work for them

viewing ABC they should see dave is the owner and nick is an employee

viewing joe displays that dave is his enemy


Thank you in advance