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    FM16 Tasks Starter Solution problem with TASK ID MATCH FIELD


      Okay, this is a FM newbie question. I'm examining the FM16 Tasks Starter Solution to learn how to design my own Tasks Database and I'm stumped by something: Where is the TASK ID MATCH FIELD? It's an Auto-Enter Serial Number Field, it's in the Relationship Graph in all 3 TOs, and I see it listed in the Field Picker as a Number Field as well, but I can't find it on any of the Tables or any Layouts.


      I opened the Layouts Objects Window and did not see anything that might be this TASK ID MATCH FIELD either.


      So, my question is this:

      Is this field hidden? If so, I've tried to find it, but can't. Any tricks?

      Or am I completely missing the fact that this field does not actually have to be on the database, just in the Table Occurrences? I'm not sure why an Auto-Serial Number Field, possible a Primary Key Field, would not be visible on the database?


      Stop laughing now and be kind. What did I completely miss? Any schooling on Match Fields, Hidden Fields, etc, or whatever my problem is here, would be greatly appreciated, if it's helpful and not critical. I'm trying to understand Filemaker, but most of the time I feel like I'm riding a tricycle in the Tour de France??



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          Jens Teich

          TaskIDMatchField is primary key of tasks.  It is not necessarily required visible on the layout.

          But if you want to see it just change to layout mode (Cmd-L), assure field picker to be visible (Cmd-K) and drag it from picker to layout. Back to browse mode (Cmd-B) and thats it!

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            Thanks. I can now see the active field and the #s, but I'm still a bit confused about the purpose of the matching fields. The portals/tables on this layout don't seem to connect or serve a purpose as far as connecting relational data... unless you create a Find, then I can see the point.... I'm not explaining my point correctly.... usually I've used portals on a table to link related data from another table... I don't see where the Tasks Starter Solution portals employ that. Maybe I'm missing something again?

            Let's start with this question: What is the purpose of the TaskIDMatchField in this Starter Solution? Could it function the same without? Thanks.

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              Task ID match field is used to link a task record to:


              1. Assignees in the assignee table
              2. Other tasks in the tasks table
              3. attachments in the attachments table


              On the Task Details layout, you have a portal to Assignees and a portal to Related Tasks. Both use the Task ID Match field but in different ways.