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    "Busy" Mouse Pointer Shows outside FileMaker Pro 16


      Product and version FileMaker Pro 16.0.2

      OS and version macOS Sierra (10.12.5)

      Browser and version (N/A)

      Hardware MacBook Pro Mid 2014


      When FileMaker Pro is processing a long-running script where Allow Abort "Yes" is enabled it displays the "cloverleaf" with a period mouse pointer indicating that the script can be stopped by typing Cmd-.


      If FileMaker Pro is put into the background while running the script and when it changes the mouse pointer to Cmd-. it will change the mouse pointer in foreground applications instead of only when FileMaker is in front or when the cursor is moved over a FileMaker window in the background.


      The mouse pointer of the foreground application should not be changed when the the pointer is over the foreground application's window or when over a background application's window unless the background application is FileMaker Pro.


      See attached screen-shot of FileMaker cursor over a Safari window.


      How to replicate

      Create a long-running script that has Allow User Abort: Yes enabled, put FileMaker Pro in the background running the script and move the mouse pointer over a foreground application.


      Workaround None known.  The problem has been around since before FileMaker 16