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Scripting Extend Found Set

Question asked by marksealey on Jul 13, 2017
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I have a working example based on this thread (where I populate the fields on a Layout with globals as advised) and where the single action it to Submit a search.


At the moment my only Find script enters Find mode and performs (successfully) a simple find.


I need to refine the users' ability to refine the search - starting with Extending the found set.


Would I be correct to add a second button to the Layout (the first/only button thus far simply runs that script) which uses the script step, 'Extend Found Set'?


If so, am I correct that the 'Restore' parameter should be present?


If so, how do I add 'Restore' as a parameter between [square brackets], please?


Is that all I need to do; or should I, for example, include a sub script somehow/somewhere in the main Find script?


Can I assume that FMP (14) remembers the found set which I am seeking to extend (and potentially, eventually, to constrain) and will work on that subset of data in any given Layout?


Can I even keep using the same Layout which I have built for the first (existing) Find operation?