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Help with a FM16 WebDirect Error in Chrome

Question asked by sharpie on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by beverly

Hello Community


I have a FileMaker solution on FileMaker Server 16 which I migrated over last week from FileMaker Server 15, Since migrating to FileMaker Server 16 I get a load/Java error in Chrome as shown in the attached screenshot on my file.


The weird thing is that when I hit the top level URL of the initial WebDirect login page loads fine and then it shows me the files that my login is authorised to see fine.  Then when I double click on my solution file to open it, I login with my credentials again, and then just before the opening layout loads I get the error shown in the screenshot attached.  This is using Chrome version 59 which is above the required minimum version of 55.  filemakerincorporated FYI as well in case it is something that can be addressed in an upcoming FileMaker Server patch.


Alternatively if anybody has any suggestions about what the error could be down to from my side, and not FileMaker, let me know and I'll see whether it's an error that I can clear from this side.. Or if anybody has had the same problem then it might be worth mentioning FileMaker in the post in case it is something that they can address in a future patch version.


Many Thanks