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    Filtering down Related Records


      If I have a script that goes to a User's Related Records, AND THEN I want to filter out certain records from there, what are the proper script steps to use?


      Example (mailing label):

      Go to Related Record [ Show only related records ; ... ]

      ***I want to now EXCLUDE records that have Company name listed as "None", exclude records that have the field "No Mail" = "1", and to exclude any that have an empty Address1 field.


      Do I go to Related Record and then do a series of Finds?

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          Option 1:


          After the GTRR:

          Enter find mode

          Specify criteria

          Constrain the found set instead of performing the find


          Option 2:

          Put your GTTR button inside the row of a portal. Specify a portal filter that filters just for the data you want on the other end of the GTRR. The portal filter will constrain the found set for you.


          With large numbers of related records, I suspect that 1 can be faster than 2, but YMMV.

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