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    Conditional formatting based on value of related row




      I have three tables, for simplicity we'll say the first is a list of fruits.


      1. Apple

      2. Orange

      3. Banana


      The second table is a list of fruit attributes


      1. size

      2. color

      3. Shape


      The third table is a join table linking the first and second tables. i.e. an apple would have three attributes

      Set Attributes

      1     1     medium   

      1     2     red

      1     3     Oval


      From the layout for the first table, how do I return the text contents of the shape attribute for Apple.  I.e. How do I grab "Oval" out of the join table with the foreign key value of "3"


      I know this is probably really easy, but my brain is not working and I figure rather than spend the next three hours looking I might as well just ask.