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Is TELUS blocking remote access to Filemaker server applications..?

Question asked by normancole on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by gofmp15

TELUS, our ISP, told us today that they are not allowing their regular (home) account customers to use their router to port forward port 5003.


We were told that in order to fix this situation, we should upgrade to a "business" account, which among other things, comes with a fixed ip address, which of course is essential for accessing our F/M Server from outside our local area network.


The business account, we are told, uses a different router which will, along with their own fixed address, allow port forwarding to work.


Apparently, Telus has blocked the port-forwarding function if it detects a fixed IP address from a third party provider. We have been using Dyns for this, which is inexpensive and has worked just fine for us with earlier ISPs.


Apart from the additional cost involved, Telus business accounts uses a different technology platform which cuts download and upload speeds dramatically, which gives us pause to moving away from the fibre-optic technology we currently have.


It would be really helpful to hear from any discussion folks currently or previously dealing with Telus that have had to deal with this issue.


We or course can switch ISPs but would prefer to stick with the "Devil We Know" if a creative resolution can be found !


Cheers to all,