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    Table convert


      I would like to convert my datatable to a new table, but I don't know how to do.

      Can help somebody me pls.

      Here is my sample tables


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          Why a new table?


          I can see that you want one record for each unique value and a horizontal list of filenames delimitted by commas, but why create a new table to get this result?

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            I don't want to create a new table, but I do not know how to make a query.

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              And what will you do with the results? This is not a trivial question as you can produce the desired results in a number of different formats from a summary report, the results all in one field to a portal or a list view.....

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                Just Click the "Find" button at the top and type in your request and hit "Perform Find" and you'll see the found set of your table.  You don't have to create a new table for the result. 

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                  I need this form of table, because i want to export this result to an excel file

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                    Just do a Find above and export the found set.  Don't create a new table.  FileMaker Exports only export what is displaying in the found set. 

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                      First find the records you want. In this example that would be show all records to get all the records in your table. Then sort them by the first field to group them.


                      If you define a "list of" summary field it can be set to list the contents of the second field. If you then use export records with the "group by" option, you can get one row of data for each unique value. If you include the summary field, it should list all of the file names, but separated by returns.


                      To get commas will require the get summary and substitute functions.

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                        You can create a 'table' by creating a self join on your data table based on the field sku. Drag the line outward from sku and then back in on itself and let go. FileMaker will note this and offer to create a duplicate of the table.


                        Once you have this related self-join table you can use it in a portal and also use the 2nd table to create a report etc. and also export to excel from it, etc.

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                          Ok, thanx your idea, I did it. Now, what's next? Please a sample, I'm a beginner in Filemaker.