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Preventing Duplicate Full Names What am I doing wrong.

Question asked by markjones1 on Jul 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by philmodjunk

I have the need to be notified when I add a new Royal Ranger into my Ranger Database so that I am not duplicating full names.  I am ok with

Mark Jones,  Mark Jr.  Jones,   Mark Sr. Jones   but don't want Full names duplicated.

I have tried this many different times the past 2 days and it still doesn't work.


I created a new file with just enough to look this over. What have I missed. Even when there is no duplicate First or Last Name it pops up a validation error.



Any help is appreciated.  I am not a programmer. I am a lineman for at&t but have been using Filemaker since the early 1990's.  Most of my datafiles are clunky at best and flat file structured.  I do have 35 plus data bases that cover most information a Church Scout District level on down would need to track.

This is not critical it just pops up every now and then.  I have sometimes 3 generations of men and boys that are in the program and I track all their advancements and info.   If you need your broadband internet fixed. I can do that.  This relational validation thing is kicking my tail. HELP!