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    Send Records From One Database To Another Using FileMaker Go


      Hello There My Name is Cameron


      I have Many databases In the Filemaker Go App....


      For my business, I Work in many different areas and creating an online database wouldn't help me considering how my location changes so much I can't really rely on Cellure service. I know it would make the job easier but we have tried in the past and some areas we work in don't have great cell service



      In my Business, I take before and after pictures of my jobs that I am doing


      So Let say today July 15th I have 20 work orders.... So every day I put the same Database on my iPhone with a different name that is Empty


      My work orders have an APN number 123-456-789 etc


      So when I get to one of the Jobs I create a new record in my database and input the APN number and then take all my before pictures... start the job and at the end of the job I take my after picture of the work I Have completed



      Now sometimes when we get to a job we can't complete it that day so we have to come back and finish the job but since I am there already I take my before pictures....



      So let's say Today July 15Th I get to a job that can't be completed that day but I take before pictures of what can be completed


      now let's say the next day July 16Th I have a new database now with a clean slate no new records



      what I would like to do is be able to transfer or import that one job from July 15th to my new database July 16th so I can finally complete this job. but I want this completed job in my new file



      How can I Import One or More record from one Database on FileMaker Go to Another Database Also on Filemaker Go?

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          Jens Teich

          Use ONE database only.  Create a field 'state', fill it automaticly with 'pending' and enter 'done' when job is done.

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            What you need is a database on FileMakerPro (or better yet, FileMakerPro Advanced) that runs on a desktop machine in your office. This central database could import all your individual "jobs" databases from FMGO. That way you have all job histories including pictures and keep only your current jobs on FMGO when working off line.


            Alternatively, you would need to write some basic import scripts in your FMGO files to migrate data between files,

            but the most simple option is to run the different jobs in the same FMGO file, and upload pictures to "daughter" records that refer to a particular job.


            All options would involve some basic training in FileMaker, but there is plenty of help available on line or in print to get you through the basics. You will find the effort very worthwhile in the long run

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